With an inborn talent in launching, nurturing and managing professional teams, Satish is a highly successful and gifted entrepreneur who has unfailingly led his teams and his clients to the pinnacles of success for over 30 years. An effective and gifted leader with exceptional business acumen and an instinctive understanding of internal auditing processes, his valuable global experience in sales, marketing and business development has made him a reputed start-up expert for leading companies globally.

Dr. Shailesh Palekar

Mentor & Strategic Advisor

A highly motivated and committed researcher with over twenty years of global experience in international business, news media and the travel and tourism industry, Shailesh specialises in Information Systems, Social Media, Disruptive Innovations, IT Project Management and  Innovative Technologies. His understanding and knowledge of global business trends has made him a much sought after expert in the field. Shailesh presently teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

Varun Nair

Creative Director

A creative thinker par excellence, with proven leadership skills and unmatched mastery over digital software, Varun has an impressive track record of planning, collaborating and implementing projects for the Animation, Digital Media and Entertainment industry. Working very closely with his colleagues and clients to ensure timelines, quality and gold standards are strictly adhered to, no job is beyond the skill of this key player in bringing to life the vision and aspiration of clients.

Pritam Kumar

Chief Knowledge Officer & Technical Advisor

With over two decades of vast experience with a range of diverse and demanding clients, Kumar, based in Texas, USA, is internationally reputed for his flawless ability to design, plan and execute challenging software, e-commerce, telecom, and mobile solutions. His innate talent to form high-performing teams as well as recognise innovative and out-of-the-box strategies has made him a sought-after leader in strategic processes and building effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Parag Parekh

Business & Financial Consultant

Known for his dynamic, scientific and systematic approach to success, long-term resident of Dubai, Parag Parekh, FCA (India) and CPA (USA) is a hugely successful Risk and Strategic Management expert specializing in reversing loss making trends. Long-term clients include Corporates and Government entities in manufacturing, construction, banking, education, healthcare, transportation, etc. Analyzing complex reasons for downward graphs is his core competency in all functional areas, with a proven track record.