3D Technologies

With all the technological advancements in our times
and ever changing technology. We are becoming addicted towards living for moments on screen, bringing digital data to reality or being part of a virtual gaming experience.

The future of tele-visual communication

Understanding your requirements, developing custom solutions 

Modern businesses are always in a state of evolution. Businesses must adapt to changes fast to keep up with the modern trends. Diligent Specialist Services helps businesses keep up with the times. We help businesses to optimize their workflow, incorporate changes or devise new ways to connect with their customers. 

Be part of the future

and take advantage

of 3D Technologies 


Interacting with a world of your own, an escape from reality. From dreamland to real life gameplay elements, a Virtual reality experience you will never forget and also have it available at your home.


Controlling the presence digitally with the real world surroundings with perceptual information. Augmented reality is evolving and we help you connect from digital data to solving problems in the real world.


Working with tracking system to bring fluid moments of human, animal behaviours to the virtual world (digital models). Whether it’s a commercial for a sports campaign, a feature film with CGI or an animation movie. We help you connect with technology.


Using computer aid designs to build third dimensional objects with 3D printers using appropriate materials. Cheaper and sustainable, this day and age 3D printing is used in multiple industries such as; Medicine, Education Construction, prototyping and manufacturing.

Step into the world of 3D

Top of the line 3D immersive technologies

DSS provides businesses with immersive 3D Technologies like AR, VR and MR. They are the future of virtual entertainment and businesses can leverage such technologies for creating highly impactful marketing strategies.